Classical Music Radio Guide

At HDCLASSICALMUSIC.COM we offer a new and innovative classical music radio! The following is a short summary of our method for generating radio playlists for the different types of classical music radio that we offer.

Classical music radio types

We have multiple types of classical music radio available for you:

  • Normal classical music radio in HD quality
    For the normal classical music radio type we generate a new playlist of our classical music pieces, based on which pieces are most popular on our website and whether they were skipped or not while being listened in a radio playlist. We also spice things up by using a degree of randomization, so that classical music pieces can appear in different positions for each radio.
  • Radio de musique classique personnalisée en qualité HD
    For this radio, we prioritize composers picked by you when we generate the radio playlist. We also consider and add pieces from related composers, to a degree you can choose with the option “How many new pieces and composers would you like to discover?”. As with all of our radios, we also add an element of randomization into the radio, so that depending on how many new pieces and composers you would like to discover, we add related and also random classical music pieces.
  • Classical music radio for studying / reading / work / kids / babies / relaxation / meditation / concentration / beginners
    For these radio types we use a genetic algorithm to generate and refine our radio playlists over time. Each new radio will be either a standard radio (lower probability over time) or an offspring of a previous radio of that type (higher probability over time).  When deciding which radio playlist to use as a parent, the more successful radio playlists are given priority, so that the new on-the-spot generated radio playlist will tend to be liked by the audience, while also being different to a certain degree of randomization from its parent radio.
    The end-result of this process is that over time, we are able to generate and serve a bigger and better variety of radio playlists of a certain type.

Technical details

Our classical music radio is available in bit rates ranging from 64kbps up to 1411+ kbps (lossless). You can change the radio bit rate by clicking on the cogwheel icon. If a classical music piece is not available in lossless quality, it will be then be played in the highest audio quality available up to the radio bit rate you have chosen.

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