Divertimento en ré majeur pour cors et cordes - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [HD]

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Musicians from Marlboro
La source:
Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston

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Divertimento No. 11 or Divertimento in D, K. 251, is a composition by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It was written in July 1776 in Salzburg, possibly for the name day of Mozart's sister, Nannerl on July 26th or her birthday on July 30th. The work is scored for oboe, two horns, two violins, viola and double bass.

There are six movements:

1.Molto allegro
4.Menuetto (Tema con variazioni)
5.Rondo (Allegro assai)
6.Marcia alla francese

The opening movement is in monothematic sonata form where instead of a true second subject in the dominant key of A major, the first subject appears in A minor. The trio of the first minuet is for strings only and the Andantino third movement is in rondo form. The fourth movement is an unusual mix of minuet and variation form. Here, the three variations serve as the "trios" with the minuet-theme returning da capo after each variation. The first variation features the solo oboe, the second features solo violin and in the third variation, the second makes runs underneath the theme. The horns are silent in all variations.

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Music by courtesy and under copyright of: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston
Music license: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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